Abjad Translations

You pay attention to words and the minuscule shades of meaning that they convey when put together. We aspire to preserve and enhance those meanings by paying even more attention to words…..

How We Can Help You?

Translation & Localization

We undertake translation projects cutting across genres and types. We have a pool of native translators as well as non native, informed translators. We also do Localization, the process of adapting your products or services to specific locale or market using the tools of translation, graphic designing, and so on.

Subtitling & Closed Captioning

If you’re a popular vlogger and want to reach more people, we can help you with amazing subtitles and closed captioning. We have specialists to make subtitles for films, documentaries, corporate ads, and commercials along with other video contents which would help deliver the message across the boundaries overcoming the barriers of language and communication.


We offer audio & video transcription service, converting a spoken language source into text files. The files could be later translated into your target languages. We transcribe contents from English, Arabic, Malayalam, Bengali, Urdu, and Persian along with other languages as per the demands.


We offer professional translators and interpreters to help you to deliver your message to your customers and clients effectively. Our professional interpreters are at your service if you need them for a foreign business consultation or a conference or if you are traveling to a tourist place where you need translators or interpreters.

Content Writing

Our talented team can be trusted for all your content writing requirements. We ensure that you'll get error free, neat and creative content for your website, blog, and any such platforms. You can contact our team in the pool for copy writing tasks including article writing, press release writing, pamphlet writing, and writing various communication materials.

Copy Editing &Proofreading

If you have any copy editing or proofreading requirement, you can rely on us. Our academic editors will do a thorough proofread and make your copies stand out. We would help you to edit your PhD thesis, research paper as well as your general written documents.


" What makes Abjad a unique prospect is their amazing blend of Humanities with Science as their core value. Any client would love to work with this team as they can guarantee the best product."
John Nash